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All applicants for any of MITE's programs have to go through the admission procedure, the details of which are clarified here.

  • First, check whether you are eligible to apply for MITE Program by scanning our Admission Conditions.

  • Familiarize yourself with the costs under Fees:
    The tuition fee for the entire program (24 months) is US$ 2000 for Cambodians or US$ 4500 for foreigners. This fee should be paid by US$500 or 1,000 installment at the beginning of each semester or by US$1,000 or 2,000 installment at the start of each academic year.

  • Then, go over all the details of our Application Procedure.

  • The last step before becoming a student in MITE program is the Registration for fourth Intake.

Master of Science in Information Technology Engineering Schedule 2016
30th-September-2017Application Deadline (Applying from now)
7th-October-2017Written exam (English Grammar, Math and Computer in General)
To be determinedAnnouncement of the result and registration commencement
To be determinedRegistration deadline
To be determinedOrientation and start first semester
Khmer Application Form for New Intakes 2017 PDF Download
English Application Form for New Intakes 2017 PDF Download
Application Form Cover PDF Download

Note:Each applicant must fill both English and Khmer application Form.

Contact Info

Program Director:

Mr. Phal Des
Tel: (855) 92-855-092, 023-640-0200
Room #217B, Campus I

Student Life

Foreign students who are interested in studying in Cambodia should first approach their national government. read more...