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Curriculum for the program has been carefully co-designed and well- structured by conforming to the international academic standard for graduate studies in ICT. To be awarded the degree, students must be enrolled in our four semester studies and complete our required courses and write a thesis under a close guidance from assigned faculty members.
Semester 1
Subject Course Code Credit
Advanced Network Computing MITE511 3
Software Engineering MITE512 3
Research methodologies MITE514 3
Scientific Experience MITE515 3
Semester 2
Subject Course Code Credit
Database Design and Application MITE521 3
Computer Graphics MITE522 3
Network Security MITE523 3
Image Processing MITE524 3
Advanced Java Programming MITE525 3
Semester 3
Subject Course Code Credit
Mobile Application MITE631 3
Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing MITE632 3
Satellite & Terrestrial Communication System MITE633 3
Artificial Intelligence MITE634 3
Semester 4
Subject Course Code Credit
Multimedia MITE641 3
General ICT4D MITE642 3
Final Project 1 MITE643 3
Final Project 2 MITE644 3
Master's Thesis MITE-MT 12

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Mr. Phal Des
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