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The rapid advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT) has contributed to the economic development around the world. The integration of ICT into private and government sector has also facilitated and sped up the way people work and it has becoming an indispensible tool as part of our lives. Recently, there has been substantial growth of businesses in Cambodia. Many businesses, especially those providing service in information technologies, and telecommunications, have constantly been starting up. As a result, the demands for specialists in this area have been dramatically increasing. However, the supplies of qualified and professional human resources to the market demands are still very limited in Cambodia. Therefore, the development of human resources in this field is urgently required.

Taking these circumstances into consideration, Royal University of Phnom Penh − the largest and oldest university in Cambodia − decides to establish a new graduate program to offer a Master of Science in Information Technology Engineering (MITE) in 2009.

Contact Info

Program Director:

Mr. Phal Des
Tel: (855) 92-855-092, 023-640-0200
Room #217B, Campus I


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